Dog Chains

A couple of months ago I apparently pre-ordered the Dogchains “Give/Take” 7″ from Life to Live records. Damn, I really need to start up a spreadsheet or some other way to keep track of all the stuff that I have ordered. I just need to get more organized with this stuff. I’ve probably lost money since there is probably stuff that I’ve ordered and have never received.

Anyway, I’ve only been able to listen to it a couple of times and overall it’s pretty good. I just haven’t fully given it a chance yet but I’m sure that once I’ve listened to it with my full attention I will be able to formulate a real opinion on this record. Overall though the labels that put this record together did a really good job with it.

photo 1

Apparently this is a three way release between Life to Live, Straight & Alert Records and Balance Records. Pretty awesome that three labels across different countries can collaborate and produce a record and be successful with it.  Teamwork is amazing.  Isn’t it?

photo 2

These came in three different colors. The clear version out of 200 came with a different cover as a pre-order special. The black version is out of 500 and the orange is out of 300. These both came with standard covers.  The orange version is by far my favorite of the three.

photo 3

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to listen to this more as I did like what I’ve heard so far. I’ve just been going crazy with tons of new stuff that sometimes I can’t just concentrate on one thing.

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