A Test of Brotherhood

So apparently Brotherhood is releasing something through Southern Lord sometime in the near future. When will that happen? Well your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully, we’ll hear some kind of news about this in the future.

Fortunately for me though Justin from the Stuck in the Past blog posted that he had some test presses of the upcoming album available for sale.  Well, I decided to take my chances and e-mailed him an offer.  After a couple of back and forth exchanges we decided on what was fair and I was able to get one.  Score!!!


As you can see I got number 25 out of 30. Pretty sweet number if I do say so myself.  I also like the fact that an info sheet was included with the track listing.  I guess the only thing that bugs me about this is the supposed title of the forthcoming album, “Till Death.”  I just wish they thought of something else, but hey what do I know.  Oh well, what can you do? I guess everything can’t be perfect.

Like I said, hopefully we hear some upcoming news about this release soon as I would like to own the actual version of the album. Someone go give Ron Brotherhood a yell so he can let us in on the news!

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