When will it end?

There are times when I think that Rev is going a little overboard with the amount of represses they have been doing. Sometimes the amount borders on the ridiculous. How many Chain represses were there in a short amount of time? I can’t even remember anymore. All I know is that I purchased every single one of them and it makes me angry. I’m angry that I just can’t help myself. It’s people like me that make Rev do what they do. If we didn’t buy them they would never repress them. Am I right?

Well, this time Rev has delivered a little surprise. It is the first colored repress of the No For an Answer 7″, “You Laugh.” It has taken twenty-five years for Rev to press this on color so you should definitely scoop this up immediately. I believe this is also the last Rev release that has never been pressed on color until this year. (I’m not counting Side by Side as they turned that into a 12″ with several color representations and we will probably never see it in a 7″ format again.)

photo 1

I was “all in” when I saw that this was available. There was no need to justify spending money on another record. It’s little things like this that make me happy to collect records. Who knew that one little color change to a simple 7″ would make me smile when I received it in the mail?

photo 2

I don’t know why they chose to press this on yellow but for some reason it works. I wonder how much they actual made as there is no information available yet for this pressing. I guess it doesn’t really matter how many there are. It only matters that I now have one.

As for Rev repressing our favorite titles, I hope it never ends.

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