Give me a Test!

I love plugging away at the monstrosity that is collecting Give. I don’t consider what I have anything special but I’ll take what I can get. So it shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone that if something like a Give test press becomes available I would be jumping all over it.

Well last week after perusing many sites I found a “Flowerhead” test press that no one seemed to pay attention to. After contacting the seller, who just happened to be Sean Youngblood, I now had a test press on the way to my house.


There were 24 of these pressed and I just happen to get number 15 of the bunch. Damn, I was happy as hell to get this. Now that I have this, I feel like I need to pursue the Dean Rocha cover of “Flowerhead” which is limited to 50. Oh well, we’re never satisfied are we?

Actually, I feel like I just set a trap for myself. I’m thinking that since I was able to track this down I should be able to track down the others. Not a good idea right. Oh well, this is probably going to be the start of one huge headache or this is gonna be fun as hell.

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