Herzog. It’s such an odd name for a band. I can’t even speculate how they could have come up with that one. Well, I guess it was that uniqueness that drew me to the band to begin with. I suppose the comparisons to Built to Spill and Sebadoh also have something to do with that. Who knows? All I can say that this record is catchy as hell and I have been playing it non-stop for over a week. That could be some kind of record for me as I usually like to change things up quite often.


I actually don’t know too much about the band other than these dudes are from Cleveland. I figure that this first exposure to this band is going to make me want to find out more about their previous releases. I’m kind of weird like that. I’ve been listening to this so much that this will probably end up on my end of the year list. In fact, this might be one of my top five non-hardcore releases for the year and there is still plenty of time left in the year.

This band is definitely worth checking out. In fact listen to this and you’ll see how catchy they are with their song “Mad Men”. It’s quite infectious. Get it if you dare!

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2 Responses to Herzog

  1. massivewaste says:

    Hey, thx for the advice – just bought a copy and it´s great!

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