To the Positive Youth

A few weeks ago I was going through my computer looking for stuff to put on my iPhone when I came across the Monster X “Indoctrination” album. They were one of those bands that I really used to like in the late nineties being that I was an Ebullition nerd. I figured why not and proceeded to put all 45 songs on my iPhone. Why not, right?

All in all, it was pretty great to listen to this album since it must have been ten years since I at least acknowledged it. What did strike a chord was the fact that they covered a whole bunch of youth crew anthems on this album. I totally forgot about them covering Youth of Today, Bold, Straight Ahead and others. I tried looking for the cd but alas I didn’t own it any longer so I did what is normal nowadays. I looked it up online and got the answers I was looking for.

photo 1

From what I could find there are three different color variants of this 7″. Unfortunately, I was only able to find two. I found the first press on clear out of 200 and a mauve copy. I couldn’t find any pressing info on the mauve copy. There is also a mint green copy floating around.

photo 2

Anyway, I loved Monster X’s interpretations of these beloved youth crew anthems. Who knew grindcore could foster sing-a-longs? Check it out!

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2 Responses to To the Positive Youth

  1. Mike says:

    Ha ha…Monster X. Like you, I was a huge Ebullition nerd. I really wanted to like a lot of that stuff, but Monster X (like a lot of that later day Ebullition stuff) did not hold up well for me. I look back at some of the stuff that I tried to convince myself I enjoyed, and I cringe. Those early Ebullition days of Downcast, Struggle, and Sawhorse were the best though…

    • chrisvilla says:

      Totally understand. I think a lot of those bands just started sounding the same in the end. I do agree with you on the early releases especially Downcast as that first 7″ totally changed my outlook on what a hardcore band can sound like. I also have a special love for Econochrist.

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