One and the Same

A few posts ago I spoke about finding stuff through Instagram. It’s actually a pretty cool medium to find or reference stuff if you are in need or want something. There are a lot of collectors on there that love showing off what they have and what they have to sell. It’s another alternative to add to how you look for your needs.

Last week, I just happen to find a Vision 7″ that I used to have but find the need to add it back to the family. I contacted the seller, came up with a price and today said 7″ appeared in the mail. I wish it was this simple all the time.

photo 1

Anyway, I feel lucky to have found this on color. For some reason these are getting harder and harder to find. Actually any Vision that you might want on color is getting pretty rare, which kinda sucks for me as it is just making it difficult to track down want I might want. It would be a shame if I couldn’t get any more because some one finally discovered this band.

photo 2

This was actually also released as CD with some covers and live tracks on it. It kinda sucks that CI records didn’t just release this as a 12″ with all the songs included. I mean look at how cool that blue looks. It would have been an amazing looking 12″. Oh well, what can you do?

photo 3

Now that I have this, I have to be on the lookout for the other Vision seven inches on color. Maybe I’ll get lucky again or maybe someone will read this and decide that they don’t need their Vision stuff any longer and decide to sell it to me. I know it’s wishful thinking but you never know. Someone out there might have an “Undiscovered” on color that might just land on my lap.

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One Response to One and the Same

  1. marcus says:

    Undiscovered on green is a super tough find. I’ve been after one for YEARS. It never crops up.

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