Lights Went Out

You know what kinda sucks?  I was apparently too late with my pre-order of the new Praise album to land the rarest color which I believe is green.  Oh well, sometimes it just ends up like that.  What is most important though is that I bought this album.  The music is incredible.  I hear Dag Nasty, Embrace, bits of Turning Point and other influences coming through the music.  Once again React! has put out something amazing!

photo 2

My biggest complaint is the fact that I wish I had this album a few weeks earlier so that I could have sang along with them when they opened up for Chain of Strength in DC. They had a great stage presence that only makes me want to catch them live more often. I actually missed their record release due to the fact I had to work. Bummer.

photo 1

As you see I received the clear blue copy which is pretty nice. Also, included with this is a nice little zine, “Wig Out at Kinkos”, which has a nice little history of the band and a huge poster.

photo 3

So, if anyone out there has a green copy or a record release copy that they wouldn’t mind selling let me know and maybe we could work something out!

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