Shut Up

Remember when the new Violent Reaction 7″ was released by Quality Control HQ? Well, actually I didn’t find out about it until way after the limited white version of the 7″ was sold out. I decided not to worry about picking up the 7″ since it would only be black and I didn’t want to spend that much money on postage for one record. I wanted to wait for US distros to carry it before I purchased it to save some cash.

After a while I didn’t see anything materialize. Damn, I missed out on a release but oh well it happens. I then read somewhere that Painkiller was also releasing the record. So, I jumped on to the Painkiller site and placed my order. I just wanted to finally get a copy of this.

photo 1

Well, it finally showed up today and it took me by surprise. While I was only expecting a black record, Painkiller surprises me with a camo colored record. I guess I was lucky that I ordered early enough to be able to get this. Wow!

photo 2

There are plenty of noticeable differences between this version and the Quality Control version. Most noticeable is the fact that this is a pocket style sleeve with an insert instead of that amazing looking foldout that was in the earlier editions of the record. Now I really wished I ordered the other version as it would have been cool to have the two different layouts.

No worries. I’m sure I’ll eventually find a black version of the UK pressing. For now though I’m just happy to finally have this on vinyl.

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