Is Anybody There?

Alone in a Crowd was one of those bands that I liked but didn’t really pay much attention too when I first started getting into hardcore. I guess it was the fact that I never got the chance to experience them live. They are always going to be one of those “what if” bands for me. What if they released more that one 7″? What if they played more? You know the drill.

Their songs are amazing though and every time I listen to them I’m always kinda pissed that they didn’t have any more material. I’m willing to bet that if they had released an l.p. it would have become historical.

Anyway, Atomic Action Records has re-released this amazing 7″ for the 25th anniversary of the record. There were 100 on white, 200 on green, 400 on yellow and 500 on black.

photo 1

The yellow one was a Revelation Records exclusive. Apparently there are two different versions of these floating around. A solid colored yellow and one with black swirls have been identified. I guess it’s kinda cool but I’m not gonna worry about it.

photo 3

When I first ordered this I didn’t know what color I was going to receive as the pre-orders were already going on for a couple of weeks. I thought I had no hope of getting the rarest color which was white. Well when it finally came in the mail I was totally surprised that I had received a white version. As you see this one has a couple of yellow streaks in it.

photo 2

Well, I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied with just having the two colors so I went to the Atomic Action site again and instead of purchasing just the 7″ I decided to purchase the tee-shirt bundle as I’ve never owned an Alone in the Crowd tee. There is no way for you to select what color you want so I left a comment in my order to please send me a green one if possible. Well, thankfully they were able to fulfill that request. Actually, they also sent me a surprise additional white 7″. Pretty sweet as they had long advertised that the white version had sold out. It’s pretty cool that they did this as the white version the sent was solid and had no visible yellow streaks on it. Bonus!

photo 4

Anyway, it’s pretty cool looking set of records which I’m happy to add to the collection. Well, today I actually visited the Atomic Action site again and they are selling some tests. I was lucky that I decided to check the site. So, if you’re interested go buy one now!

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