Think I Care

I seriously need to create some kind of want list as sometimes I lose track of what I’m actually looking to buy. When I’m skimming through records I’m basically trying to recall details of what I have and what I don’t have. Thankfully I have a pretty good memory and I can recall some of my needs. One day I’m going to document what I have so I can come up with a proper list of what I have. The first thing I need to do though is to finish organizing my records.

Anyway, whilst going through my mental lists of what I have, I decided to pick up a couple of the Think I Care albums on Dead Alive Record. At one point I owned this but I think I either traded it away or just got rid of it for some reason.

photo 1

At least this time I have a proper colored copy. I also managed to get an alternate cover version of the album which is pretty cool. I remember seeing a copy of this somewhere but I didn’t pick it up due to lack of funds at the time. That axe is pretty fucking sweet in my opinion.

photo 2

A couple of nice pickup for really decent prices always gets me stoked. Hopefully, I see a few more deals like this pop up in the next few weeks.

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2 Responses to Think I Care

  1. marcus says:

    One band that completely passed me by for some reason. I’ve never heard them, but been tempted to pick up one of their records on eBay before as they don’t seem to sell for much. Love that second one with the axe cover.

  2. Mike says:

    I didn’t care too much for this band when they were around, but I’ve really come to appreciate them over the past year or so. Nice score!

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