Perspex Flex

After a pretty busy weekend it’s actually pretty cool just blogging about the mail I got today. I do love mail days especially when something that you ordered in what seems like months finally arrives at your door.

Anyway, a while back Video Disease Records advertised that they were selling off a few of their test presses. I actually found out about it the next day or so and was kinda pissed off that I didn’t hear about it sooner. I thought it was too late for me to get anything cool but still I decided to go check out the site anyway.


Well, I lucked out ’cause they still had a couple of copies of The Flex “Scum on the Run” e.p. and Perspex Flesh “Ona” e.p. for sale. Score! Still, I wished I got on there sooner ’cause I at least wanted to know what they had for sale. Actually, maybe it’s for the better that I don’t know.

They’re not much to look at but they are still a welcome addition. I know I’ve said this before but one day I’m just gonna sit down and make some covers for all that tests that need one. Until I get off my ass though I’ll just be happy that I got these.

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