I really like compilations. It gives me a chance to experience new bands that I haven’t heard or grab that one song that wasn’t available on any of their releases. Well, when Atomic Action posted advertised that they had a comp coming out from up and coming New England bands I knew that I had to go get it.

The comp which is titled “Absolutes” features six bands from the New England area. Wolf Whistle, Death Injection, Holy Hands, Sweet Jesus, Straight Razor and Test of Time all contribute a song to the comp. While I have heard of the majority of these bands I was really eager to hear the Straight Razor song.


Overall, the whole comp is pretty good. It just makes me want to search out for more releases from some of the bands here. I guess it did its job, huh.


This is still available through the Atomic Action bandcamp. According to the website there are: 100-white vinyl, 100-mixed (bands only), 200-clear, and 500-black, but if you look at the drop down they are also advertising a red copy.


As you see from my copy, mine was supposed to be white and it came out kind of pinkish instead. Is this the “supposed” red copy? I’m actually pretty happy with this as I prefer a pink copy over a white one any day. Now go get one.

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One Response to Absolutes

  1. Mike says:

    A new Sweet Jesus song? Yeah, I need this!

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