Holy Shit! I believe that those were my first thoughts were when I first listened to “Forward Onto Death” by Unrestrained. I feel like I went through a time warp and woke in ’98, which actually wouldn’t have been bad ’cause I could deal some major damage if I woke up in the past.

photo 2

Anyway, I listened to this bad boy at least five times on the day that I received it. That actually says a lot about how much I really like this album since I tend to change things up so often. It brings me happiness that I am able to find a new band that is able to keep my attention like this one has.

I’m also glad to see that the Northwest is still producing such awesome music because for a while I don’t think I really followed any bands from that part of the country.


This is still available in clear out of 104 from Trip Machine Laboratories and purple grey trash out of 399 from the band’s site.

Now, if we only had a time machine we could get these dudes to play with Turmoil, Undertow, Unbroken, Strife and others of the like I think my brain would explode. Better yet, these guys should just tour the east coast and play DC. That would definitely make my day.

Also, Justin Sitner from the Stuck in the Past blog is in this band. Someone should bother him and tell him I need a Brotherhood rip version of the album! Go get it!

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