White Rejects.

Whenever I get a new piece of Swiz vinyl I get really excited. This is especially true for those pieces that I used to neglect thinking that I could always pick up later but for some reason or another they become rare all of a sudden. One such piece is the white version of the “Rejects” 7″. I don’t know why I didn’t pick it up when I was younger but this has now been rectified.


I guess I got kinda lucky with this find as no one paid any attention to it on eBay so I got it for what I thought was a pretty fair price. This kinda surprises me as Swiz is definitely one of my favorite bands, but it seems like there are only a few of us who still collect them. That’s good for me I guess as there is less competition.


This white copy was limited to 100 copies and came with a pretty cool poster insert and a bunch of stickers. It’s pretty awesome that the stickers are still intact as I probably would have used some of these if I had gotten this when it first came out.


Hopefully, this is the beginning of some good luck as mine seems to have turned a little bit south lately. Maybe I’ll even be able to find some more Swiz vinyl for really cheap.

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One Response to White Rejects.

  1. marcus says:

    I picked up one of these on ebay a few years back. Mine was also very cheap, and I got it from the dude who used to run the label, meaning i got a mint, unplayed copy. Before I saw it on eBay I had never even heard of this version before. It’s definitely a nice one to have. Good work!

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