Safe and Sound.

I can’t believe that I finally have this. It seems like forever ago that I did the pre-order for the Safe and Sound 7″, “The Tides, from Life to Live. I know it’s not their fault. It seems like every record manufacturer has some sort of back log of projects and they can’t keep up with production times. It’s really shitty for the bands and the labels. Thankfully I’m pretty patient about stuff like this.

Anyway, if you already didn’t know, Safe and Sound is a youth crew style band from Tacoma, Washington. They were most recently featured on the Youth Crew 2014 compilation from Positive and Focused records as well as the Winds of Change compilation from React! Records.


There were three colors pressed for this record: a clear and blue splatter out of 150 (I believe this was the pre-order special.), blue out of 200 and black out of 300.


If you haven’t ordered it yet they are still available through the Life to Live store although I don’t know how many of the pre-order colors are still available. I’m sure you could hit up Dan from the label to find out if the splatter color is still available.


Just like the previous LTL records that have been recently put out, if you were lucky enough and early enough you had the option to also order a test press. I, apparently, was lucky enough to do this as I scored number 24 out of 25. For some reason I just don’t remember this. Oh well, bonus for me I guess.


Good release from both the label and the band. I’ll certainly be listening to this a few times this week, especially “Swim” a song featuring Aram Arslanian.

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