I got that Fever.

I really got into Criminal Instinct sometime last year. The demo 7″ that they put out spent a lot of time on my turn table that I think I wore it out rather quickly. Well a few months ago I pre-ordered their new 7″, “Fever”, and I finally received it a couple of days ago. From what I remember this was supposed to be an April release. I don’t know why the delay on this one but we’ll chalk this one up to manufacturing as well. What’s most important I guess is that I finally received my order.


This is still available from Solid Bond records if you missed out on the initial pre-order.


There’s nothing really new or mind-blowing here, but it is a good record nonetheless. I guess I just over hyped myself with getting this since I really liked them a lot last year. I should probably give it a few more listens before passing final judgement.


First press of a thousand with several colors…

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One Response to I got that Fever.

  1. I think the rarest press was black /100, with all the other colors out of /300

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