Pink Dust

You guys already know how much I love the latest Angel Du$t release.  I just can’t get enough of it.  This co-release between Reaper and React! is in a class of its own.  My one big gripe was that I never procured a copy of the pink version of the album.  There were 200 copies of these babies made for tour.


Well, I was finally able to get a couple of copies as Reaper apparently had a few for sale and released them online (If you still need a white copy they still have some.  Get on it).  I was pretty lucky as they sold out of these pretty quickly. I probably would have been ultra pissed if I missed out on this again.  Anyway, I guess if I wanted to complete this collection I still need a record release and a test. Maybe one day they will pop up somewhere and I’ll get lucky. Maybe, someone can just hook up a brotha…

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One Response to Pink Dust

  1. Mike says:

    This record has grown on me a bit since I posted about it. I’m definitely bummed that I missed out on buying this pink pressing when it was available.

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