Red Soda.

Once again Dischord graces with another awesome re-press. This time around we have a really nice red copy of Slant 6’s classic album, “Soda Pop*Rip Off”. It’s actually been a really long time since I’ve listened to this so purchasing this has been great. I’ve been able to re-acquaint myself with this awesome band and I now have more music to play in my car.

Slant 6

If you haven’t experienced this album yet, I suggest that you start. It’s all about indie girl pop goodness with this one. So get on it if you’re into this type of stuff. My only issue is that this did not come with any type of insert. Did the original come with any insert? I actually don’t remember since it’s actually been such a long time since I’ve owned this. Either way I’m just nit picking.

I wonder what the next Dischord re-issue will be. It’s been pretty fun buying them up again and listening to the classics. Well, whatever it is I’m sure that I will be purchasing it as I can’t seem to stop giving them my money.

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