Survival Signs

I finally decided to pick up a copy of the Violent Outburst “Survival Signs” e.p. after reading about it on the Across Your Face blog months ago. I don’t know why I never bothered to pick it up, but that was easily remedied recently.

Violent Outburst

Hailing from Virginia, this band features members of both Mercy Killings and Wasted Time. Does anyone know if this band still exists? I know that they played a Damaged City Fest after show in 2013 but other than that I haven’t really heard anything else from this band.

Anyway, this is the green copy limited to 100 copies which is a split release from Agitate Records and Tension Head Records. Surprisingly, this is still available.

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One Response to Survival Signs

  1. dp says:

    The band has been dormant since that aftershow but will be playing two shows soon–dc on jan 2nd and richmond on jan 3rd

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