Kill at Will

Damn. It’s been pretty much a week since I last posted. It’s not just because I’m busy but there hasn’t really been much for me to post about lately. Well to remedy that situation I just happen to come across a Striking Distance 7″ that I had never seem to want to buy before. I have no idea why either. Silly me.

Striking Distance

This comes from the second pressing of this 7″ from Vicious Circle Records way back in 2000. What’s cool about this is they actually included a real bullet with the sale of the record. Pretty rad, as it definitely goes along with the cover image.

I wonder if you could get away with doing things like this during these times. Probably not as everyone seems to have a stick up their ass now. Anyway, It’s nice to finally have a copy of this. This is the “Kill at Will” edition on clear. Limited to 50.

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One Response to Kill at Will

  1. marcus says:

    I have one of these, but it didn’t come with a bullet. And I highly doubt that if I bought one that it would make it through customs.

    Oh yeah, “everyone seems to have a stick up their ass” made me laugh!

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