Be Here Now.

For some reason or another I have never been able to pick up the Peace 7″ from React! Records. I don’t really know why either. I really like the record but it was always one of those records that I always put off on getting. Kinda sucks that it took me this long to even get one. What sucks even more is that this is actually getting harder and harder to find. You snooze you lose, right?


Anyways, I saw one of these finally pop up on eBay for a really cheap price. Thankfully I didn’t jump the gun and just decided to wait this thing out and not make a ridiculous offer. Patience was definitely worth it in this case.

Now that I have this, I’m hoping this means I will be able to get the other versions of this seven-inch for a really cheap price as well. I guess I just have to be extra patient with those too. I mean it did take me a while just to get this, but I’m hoping it won’t take as long this time.
100 on gold.

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2 Responses to Be Here Now.

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome score. Truly an underrated classic from React.

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