Grave Conflict

So, I’m still trying to catch up with all of my posts before the year ends. Am I going make it? I guess it is probable but I’m not going to hold my breath. There are days that I just can’t find the energy to post and I look at my pile of stuff and cringe.

Anyways, here a couple of items that I had been meaning to pick up for a while but never really had the chance to until a couple of weeks ago. First up is the “True Crime” 7″ by Breakout from Grave Mistake. This one is UK punk influenced garage rock that has some surf rock mixed in for some catchiness. Another excellent release from Grave Mistake. Grey vinyl our of 100.


Next up is the self titled 7″ from Asylum by Vinyl Conflict. The thing I love about Vinyl Conflict is the diversity of their releases. This one here has a ton of crust punk influence. It’s fast, loud, pissed off and will make your ears bleed. Pink vinyl out of 100.


I’m really eager to see what both these labels come out with next year. It’s been an awesome 2014 for both these Richmond labels.

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