Close to a month ago I posted about Forced Order and how much I really liked their “Eternal War” 7″.  Well a new 7″ titled “Retribution” has just made its way into my grubby little hands.  What’s cool about this new release is that it hits a little harder than the previous one and I feel like the sound quality is just a tad bit better.

Ford Order 1

There were there different colors available for this release when Revelation Records first notified us of pre-orders. Burgundy out of 500. Yellow out of 300. Grey Marble out of 700.

FullSizeRenForced Order 2der

I definitely liked the color scheme of the front cover and the colors chosen for the vinyl themselves. For some reason though my copies did not come with any type of insert. Was this done on purpose or was I just unlucky this time and I drew the short stick? Can anybody tell me?

Forced Order 3

I’m really glad that Revelation is continually releasing new music. For a long time I felt like they were only doing re-presses and they were just distribution center. It would have been a shame if one of the most significant record labels in hardcore was relegated into doing just that. Now I’m looking forward to the next new release. Hopefully it will be a new Give release.

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