The End of 2014

The Top of the List

Man, this year flew by really quickly! I feel like I accomplished nothing and left many goals unfinished. Well, I’m looking at 2015 to be better than 2014. There are many things in the works for me and hopefully I’ll be able to share some of it with you guys. Anyways, the top lists at the end of the year is always tough. There were just so many good releases that I couldn’t even think of which would be the top contender. Well I narrowed them to possibly a three-way tie for number one. These three albums were not stop plays this past year.

Nothing – Guilty of Everything

Angel Dust – A.D.

Cold World – How the Gods Chill

Top 10 of 2014

Since their respective release days I don’t think there has been a week that I have not listened to anyone of these albums.  They are all just that good.  The other albums that made the list were also listened to numerous times in 2014 are as follows.

Tops 10 part 2

Herzog – Boys

Give – Electric Flower Circus

Hounds of Hate – Hate Springs Eternal

Protester – 7″

Sweet Jesus – Box

Forced Order – Eternal War

Violent Reaction – Dead End e.p.

Yes, people are going to say why did you leave this off and what not.  I understand that there might be a really awesome album that I left off this list.  I find that longevity is the key to being on this list.  Yes, the new Praise album is amazing but I haven’t listened to it in several months.  Sorry.

Also,  I didn’t really number any of these as my listening patterns are quite erratic.  I just know that week in and week out these albums were always near my turntable ready to be played.  I think in 2015 I’ll do a six month split for a top list.  This way we’ll see if what I like during the first half of the year holds strong until the end.

Test Pressings

While I’ve stated before that I don’t really chase after test pressing, I will not turn away a chance to get one.  This being said I acquired fifteen test presses this year, which was a few more than last year.  Maybe next year we’ll see an increase.

01.  Iceburn – Burn/Fall

02.  Dinosaur Jr – Green Mind repress

03.  Reason To Believe – When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance

04.  Brotherhood – Till Death

05.  Give – Flowerhead 

06.  Jesuit – bonus 7″

07.  Internal Affairs – 12″

08.  Perspex Flesh – Ona

09.  The Flex – Scum on the Run

10.  Alone in a Crowd – 7″ repress

11.  Safe and Sound – The Tides

12.  Desperate Measures – Never Enough Time

13.  Perfect People – Midwaste

14.  Social Damage – Eye for an Eye

15.  Jaguarz – Jungle Jamz

Well that’s it for this year.  Hopefully, there’ll be bigger scores next year.  I’ll also be posting a want/need list on the site soon to see if anyone can help me out fill in some gaps or just be able to help me with finding some bigger wants.
Until then Happy New Year!!!

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3 Responses to The End of 2014

  1. massivewaste says:

    I am still thankful for your review that made me buy that Herzog LP …

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