Electric Flower Circus part 2

Wow! I’m finally able to post again as I finally have something to post about. It’s a little weird that I haven’t been getting any of the stuff I’ve ordered recently. Oh well, I guess delays are inevitable.

Anyways, after a little bit of a wait I finally received the US version of Electric Flower Circus. It’s pretty awesome that there is such a huge difference in layouts between the German version and the US version of this album. It feels like they are two totally different releases.

Electric Flower Circus 1

In fact the cover reminds me more of a psyche album rather than a hardcore album. Still, it is a pretty nice piece to finally get.

Electric Flower Circus 2

Electric Flower Circus 3

This is the green version of the album limited to 300. At first I was a little disappointed when Give announced that they made a mistake during the pre-order. Originally the order was supposed to be for the pink version but somewhere down the road someone made a mistake. Bums me out a little bit since I was looking forward to getting this on pink. I believe that version became available only through their live shows. If anyone has an extra copy they are willing to part with, please hit me up. I really want a copy of that sucker.

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