Red Death

Woah!  It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted on here.  I was actually out-of-town for work and some time off so when I finally got home a saw that I had received some records that I pre-ordered some time ago finally come.  So the rest of the month I’m going to try to play catch up.

Anyway, the first time I saw Red Death was when they opened up for Chain last year in DC. They were really impressive and I started to look for anything they had recorded. Unfortunately, they only had stuff on Bandcamp and a demo tape.

Red Death 1

Well I downloaded their demo from Bandcamp and proceeded to listen to it for the rest of that summer eagerly awaiting their first real vinyl release. I didn’t actually know that I had to wait until this year to finally be able to listen to them on vinyl.

Red Death 2

I guess Grave Mistake realized that this band was going to going some waves and finally released their demo on a 7″. I can promise that this will probably end up on my top of the year list. It just does not disappoint and it made my ears bleed. Go get it from Grave Mistake! You’ll regret it if your don’t.

220 on clear.

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