I am Red!

If you’ve read Marcus’s blog then you already know that when he found out about this pressing of Give’s “I am live” 7″, seven hours had already passed when he was alerted to the fact that this went on sale.  Well, when Marcus alerted me that this went on sale I don’t know how much time had already passed. I just thought that since there were only 45 of these available that it was going to be a slim chance that I was going to get one. In addition to that I was in San Francisco at the time and there was a 3 hour time difference from the East Coast.  I thought it was already over. Thankfully, I decided to look at the Photobooth Records site from my phone to see if there was still a chance for me to get one. Well I got lucky thanks to Marcus and sheer dumb luck when I decided to check my email that I was able to get one. I am Live Red Now I only have to get the Ashley Sykes version of the cover and we can call this one quits. Unless of course someone can throw a bone my way and get me a test press.

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