Test of Time – Treasure Press

A couple of months ago Todd from Test of Time reached out to fans of the band to help him out with debt accrued from Bridge Nine putting out their last record.  There were a lot of limited stuff from Todd’s personal collection that went on sale.  I actually wanted to try and get all of them but Todd wanted to distribute among those of us who were interested so that we could all get something from the sale.  Pretty cool of him to do so this way each of us got something in the end.

Test of Time1

I ended up getting one of the Inclusion 7″ Treasure Press covers which I’ve actually wanted for a long time just because it had a Goonies cover on it.  There were 30 of these made back in 2013 for a show they had in North Carolina.

Test of Time2

Anyway, I hope my little contribution was able to help him with what he owed Bridge Nine.  Kinda crappy that he had to let go of stuff from his personal collection just to square things away with the label.  I hope his new band Todd’s War fares better than Test of Time.  I will be looking forward to the release in April.

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2 Responses to Test of Time – Treasure Press

  1. Brandon says:

    That sucks that TOT is done for. They had really solid releases and I was hoping for more in the future.

  2. xtinox says:

    the goonies rule!

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