Lost My Way

Isn’t it cool when you find something by happenstance that you’ve been looking for but have been unable to get for some reason or another.  Well, I happen to track down a copy of Supertouch’s “Lost my Way” 7″ with the Vinyl Noize cover.  I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I first laid my eyes on it.  Unfortunately, these were very hard to come by for a very long time.  The asking price was no joke as well. At one point I saw one of these go for $75. That’s just a little too steep for my tastes for this particular record.

Lost My Way 1

Well last week I was finally able to track one down for a really cheap price. I actually had to ask the seller if he was mistaken on the price he listed. Luckily his pricing was on point and what I could afford.

Lost My Way 2

My copy is numbered 12 out of 50 co-released by Reaper Records and Vinyl Noize.  I wonder how long it will take my to track down the other two limited covers considering this was a pain in the ass to obtain.  Hopefully I’ll get lucky again and will be able to get my hands on the other two in the near future instead of waiting years.

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One Response to Lost My Way

  1. massivewaste says:

    Great find!

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