A Few Reactions

Violent Reaction has easily become one of my favorite bands that has come out the past couple of years.  So when Revelation announced that they were releasing a new record for these guys I was all in.  I couldn’t wait to listen to the new material since their past releases have been really impressive.

This band is tough, fast and loud.  They are a no frills hardcore band and Tom might just be one of the hardest working individuals in hardcore being in the numerous bands that he is in.

There were a couple of colors that were available for order.  First up is gold out of 1243.


Next is the more limited of the two a clear version out of 315.

Violent Reaction 3

Again, it’s always nice to have something new to listen to but I also just happen to pick up a couple of new presses of their previous releases. I got both of these from Quality Control HQ. First is a repress of their first release in red out of 250.

While it is cool to have another copy of this, I’m still looking for copies of the Damaged City press and a copy of the Edge Day press. Gah…..

Violent Reaction 3

Next is another pressing of Dead End. This one is also on red out of 400. Once again it’s really cool to get this but I never did get a copy on white.

Violent Reaction 4

Pretty awesome haul here. I’m hoping to find the stuff that I am missing from them soon so I can put this one to bed. There’s just too much stuff that I want right now that I might have to fine tune my want list to what most important, but what fun would that be.

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One Response to A Few Reactions

  1. massivewaste says:

    Ha! I was also able to snag a clear copy. Exceptional. Good Record.

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