Pure Disgust

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that there are numerous bands that are real bangers in DC right now.  Well one of the highlights of the past couple of months is seeing one of these bands, Pure Disgust. They rocked out so much that I decided to get a copy of their 7″. DC hardcore with a taste of OI! and a little bit of 80s New York.

Pure Disgust 1

I can’t express enough how impressive this band is both live and recorded. It’s a shame that I’ve only seen them once. I’m going to have to remedy that soon.

Pure Disgust 2

Well weeks later as I was looking through the Grave Mistake store I happened to notice that there was a repress of the 7″ in a colored version no less. Of course I had to get a copy. This is a second press on gold out of 200.

Pure Disgust 3

These guys are also releasing a new record through Quality Control HQ/Katorga Works. I’m planning on going to their DC show sometime in June as well as picking up a copy of their new record. It should be a good time.

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