Cherish the Light Years

While I am not necessarily the biggest Cold Cave fan I wouldn’t turn away a chance to get a copy of one of their more limited releases.  “Cherish the Light Years” is probably the album I listen to the most when it comes to Cold Cave, so when I found a copy of this particular version on eBay I decided to keep track of it.

Cold Cave

While I originally did not win it I got a second chance offer from the seller. I guess the original winner flaked out. Well, the seller just happen to be Tru Pray so I decided to just text him and get him the money directly instead of going through eBay. Sometimes things just work out that way.

This a test press with hand-made covers out of 123. Mine just happens to be number 122. I don’t know why this is considered a test since it has such a high number to it. In reality this is probably a tour press. Whatever the case may be I finally have a copy.

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