I hate your brain.

Damn. I have a backlog of stuff that I need to start posting.  It’s actually starting to pile up as I get the new stuff.  Blah!  I might just have to start filing stuff away and just start off fresh with only the new stuff I’m starting to get.  We shall see.

Anyways, on the top of the pile is the newest record from React! Records, Straight Razor.  This band features members of Rival Mob, Caught in a Crowd, Wolfwhistle and Raindance. Are there supergroups in hardcore?

Straight Razor1

What is it with React! Records and putting out bad ass shit? It seems like everything they put out never seems to leave my turntable.

Straight Razor 2

As for the band itself, your really can’t get much better than a band fronted by Brendan Radigan. It’s fast and tough and I can’t get enough of it.

Straight Razor 3

I only purchased the clear gold out of 150 but now I’m thinking of just getting a black copy as well ’cause I see myself wearing this one out.

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