I mentioned in a previous post that I had planned on seeing Pure Disgust when they played DC again.  Well that came to fruition a couple of weeks ago.  It was a pretty stacked bill that had Misled Youth, Angel Dust, Give, Pure Disgust and a few other bands.  Cool, right?

First of all, let me explain the venue situation.  It was a basement show in DC at a venue called The Dugout. While I don’t mind going to shows like this, I don’t think this was a good setting considering the bands that were playing this night.  So picture a hot and rainy day with around 50 people packed in a basement that has no air conditioning. I’ve been to shows here before and usually you can fit in around 20 people comfortably. It was also around 90 degrees or more in there with everyone sweating from the humidity.  I thought I was gonna die in there so I decided to skip out on the first few bands and wait until Pure Disgust played.

They played an amazing set which included some of their new songs as well as covers from Sick of it All and Bad Brains. While it was fun seeing them play, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack with just how shitty it was inside and outside of this place.

After they played I made it over to their van where I picked up a copy of their new 7″, “Chained”. This copy was on coke bottle clear limited to 200 available only through the band.

Pure Disgust Chained

Prior to me picking this up, I also picked up a copy directly from Katorga Works which was on clear vinyl out 800. This was a split release with Quality Control HQ so you can probably pick one up from them as well.

Pure Disgust Chained 2

As for the show I couldn’t even make it through Angel Dust let alone stay to watch Give. (Shitty cuz I also missed out on picking up a Give record on blue.) It was just too damn hot and uncomfortable for me to stay.  We were packed in that damn basement like a can of sardines.  Yeah I’m old. So what!

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