Live and Let Live

Next on the pile is a record that I decided to  pick up when I was ordering the Straight Razor 7″. It’s this band from Manchester called Insist.  I don’t know why I actually picked it up.  I think I read about them somewhere and I decided to give them a try.

While there isn’t really anything new here the music is quite good.  I would say that if you like bands like Mindset, Champion, The First Step, etc…it’s definitely worth picking up.


This was a split release by Powered Records and New Instinct records. As you can see I picked up a gold copy. There are also white copies floating around so this is probably the most common color.

Insist 2

When I first listened to this I was actually kinda bored with it. Like I said there’s really nothing new here but for some reason I’ve listened to it quite a few times already. Either I’m starting to really like this or I’m too lazy to take it off my turntable. Who knows?

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One Response to Live and Let Live

  1. massivewaste says:

    This cover reminds on the Clear Demo 7″.

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