What Else Can We Do?

Last year I finally got a copy of the Peace 7″ on gold.  It was one of those records that I was always meaning to get but somehow I skipped out on it.  Well, not being satisfied with having just one copy of anything I added it to my nice to have list.  It could be put on the back burner and hopefully other copies would find their way to me one day.

Peace Red

Well, I didn’t really have to wait that long to find another copy as this one appeared on Discogs all of a sudden.  This copy is on red out of 200.  The more I listen to this band I can’t help but want more. Sadly, that is never going to happen.

Now that I have two copies of this record I’ll probably have to hunt down the other two copies out there.  There’s still a white copy and a React! Records showcase version that are looking for a new home.

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