Pink Rainbows

When I was compiling my top ten of 2014 there was no doubt that Nothing’s “Guilty of Everything” was going to be on it.  Since then I have been trying to track down the first pressings of the album.  It’s unfortunate though that I haven’t had any real luck in doing this as the sellers that I did find wanted a lot more than I am willing to pay.

Well, as my search continues I’m glad I was able to pick up a couple of more copies of the later presses for regular prices.  First up is a pink copy which was released last September as part of the “Ten Bands – One Cause” movement for breast cancer awareness.

Now, I was really looking forward to getting this last year but somehow my pre-order for this record got messed up and I was charged for it but never received it. I brought this up to the folks where I ordered from but they decided that I should get a refund instead of the actual record. Bummer. Thankfully, I was able to get a copy last month for retail. This copy is out of 500.

Nothing Pink

The next copy came out earlier this year but I had no idea when pre-orders took place. I was only made aware of this by seeing some photos on Instagram. I then scoured eBay and Discogs and found that people were already flipping this thing for $40 and up. Again, not a price I was willing to touch especially since a part of the proceeds for this album was suppose to go for LGBT charities.

I got lucky on this one again. A couple of weeks ago Relapse Records put some up for sale for retail on their eBay account. I scooped it up right away as they apparently only had three copies left for sale.  This one is also out of 500 with a rainbow splatter and a rainbow flag on the cover.

Nothing Rainbow

Two more off the list but many more to go. A copy of their record release version is probably going to be the hardest one to get but I might have a few leads. I just need to get lucky again.

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