Set Me Free

If you’re into no frills, straight forward hardcore punk then Boston-based Chain Rank is right up your alley.  Dustin from the Utopia Banished blog has the best description of the band, 80’s Xclaim! hardcore with a heavy dose of The Abused.  I picked this record up a couple of weeks ago after listening to it through their bandcamp after a buddy of mine told me about them.

Chain Rank

I had checked in on the band trying to get a copy of this but they didn’t sell any until after their tour which ended in early July. At that time I had read somewhere that the clear version of the record was what they were selling on tour. I was already set on just getting a black copy but thankfully they still had some copies left to sell to those of us who could make it to see them.

Chain Rank

While some people are already stating that this will be the best album of 2015, I will reserve making that statement until the end. I want to see how many times I actually listen to this album through the last five months of the year. Longevity is the key here.

If any of you are interested apparently the clear version, which I believe is out of 200, is still available from the Twerp Records Store.  I would act fast on this as when people find out about this it will likely sell out.

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3 Responses to Set Me Free

  1. marcus says:

    Great tip on that Twerp Records store! Managed to snag one. Thanks Chris!

  2. Dustin says:

    I waited for what felt like forever to order a copy of this because they were on tour for like a month. Can’t stop listening to it.

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