Permanently Isolated

A few months ago I caught Nervosas play DC.  At first I didn’t really pay attention when they started playing but as they kept going with their set I found myself really liking what I heard.  I hadn’t really thought about them until I heard that they released a new self titled album on Dirtnap Records.  While I normally don’t buy anything from this label I knew that I had to get this album if it is even a little like the live performance I witnessed.


Well this record went well above my expectations. I’ll say it now. This is probably going to be in my top ten at the end of the year. I’ve listened to this over ten times now and I am just blown away at how good it is.

If I really needed to put this in a category, Nervosas seem to fit closest to a post punk outfit but they just feel a little harder. It doesn’t really matter. Just listen to it on the Nervosas’ Soundcloud. I’m definitely all in with this band.

200 on clear.

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One Response to Permanently Isolated

  1. Massivewaste says:

    Will definitely check this out!

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