Broken Green Door

While I would normally be really happy about posting this recent purchase, I was actually pretty pissed off for a couple of days before I even considered posting this.

I was pretty stoked when I purchased a green copy of Reason to Believe’s “The Next Door”.  It is pretty high up on my want list and it felt like forever before I even found a copy that was for sale.  So when I finally found one, I jumped on it.Reason to Believe green

It finally came in the mail and while I was taking pictures of it I found something that horrified me. I found physical cracks in the runoff. I was pissed and felt ripped off.

I emailed the seller and told him I wished he said that there were cracks in the record. He replied back stating that he did not notice any.  I wanted to write him back about getting my money back but in the end I just said “fuck it”.

I’m going to assume positive intent here, especially since the seller is a known good dude in trading circles, that he really didn’t know about these cracks. I don’t want to blame anyone for this happenstance.  I’m just still kinda pissed at the situation.

I was going to post pictures of the cracks on the record here but I figure what’s the point. It’s not going to help me.  I’ll just try to stay positive.  I found one of these.  I’ll find one again.  The one I have will be a place holder.

There were 50 of these in existence. Now there are 49. Shitty.

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One Response to Broken Green Door

  1. mcs says:

    Any chance you could send me a photo? I’m just curious as to how bad this looks.

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