Snicker Snicker

Hey it’s been a while but I finally have stuff to post since I haven’t really been buying that much stuff.  Although I do have a pile of stuff that I should have posted some time ago that I just haven’t felt like blogging about for some reason or another.
Anyways, I got myself another copy of the Portraits of Past 12″ that I found on the cheap side. I haven’t really paid much attention to these guys in a while so when I found a blue copy I decided to snatch it up and give it a spin.

Portraits of Past

I used to purchase a lot of Ebullition stuff so when I finally heard these guys I thought they were the best thing that the label had released at that time. Sadly I never got to see these guys play back in their hey day or during the reunion that they had in 2009.

This particular copy is what I believe out of the third press for which they screened the inside of unused Spitboy covers. I used to also have a blue screened copy with black vinyl that I gave away to a friend of mine.

Portraits of Past 2

Here is another copy I own with the original cover with red vinyl that I got as part of the Ebullition box set. I’ve also seen green copies floating around but I’ve never actually seen one for sale for a price that I want. Maybe in another 20 years or so I’ll finally buy one.

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One Response to Snicker Snicker

  1. Mike P. says:

    I love the songs on the split with Bleed, but I could never get into this LP. So strange to see an Ebullition release on colored vinyl.

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