Why can’t You Shield Your Eyes

Man, I’ve been all over the place with what I’m buying lately.  What sucks is that a lot of them have been impulse buys instead of looking for what is on my want list.  One such buys is this Fuel/Phleg Camp split 7″ test press from Allied Recordings.

Fuel/Phleg Camp

Anyways, this was probably easier to find than any of the colored versions of the record as I’ve never seen a copy on color. It could also be attributed to dumb luck that I was able to find this.

There’s really not much to look at here and I’m probably one of a dozen people who cares that this exists. It’s cool. The trouble now is that I want one of those colored pieces of plastic.  Nerd problems.

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6 Responses to Why can’t You Shield Your Eyes

  1. mcs says:

    Ha! I have the same issue. Never seems color copy yet according to discogs there are several colors. Any one would do!

  2. massivewaste says:

    Great score. Never understood why Fuel and Phleg Camp were bigger. My non-relevant opinion is that they were even better than the originals (Fugazi and Soulside).

  3. massivewaste says:

    I meant “were not bigger” 😉

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