Three Penny Opera

I remember when this first came out and I immediately hated it for simply trying to compare them to Shotmaker.  It’s an unfair comparison but since Matt Deline was in this band doing vocal duties that’s all I could do.

It’s grown on me since then and I was quite happy to find a test press of their self titled record from Troubleman Unlimited.

Three Penny Opera

This thing rules.  If you ever get the chance to listen to it I suggest you do. While it’s not much to look at it definitely sound great.

Another record that’s probably been long forgotten.  Kinda sad really.

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3 Responses to Three Penny Opera

  1. marcus says:

    Never heard of this. Also never heard Shotmaker either. But you made me curious…

  2. Mike says:

    Oh man…I absolutely love Three Penny Opera, and liked them instantly because of the Shotmaker connection.

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