I like you less than apple pie…

As I’ve mentioned before I used to really get into pretty much anything that came out of Ebullition Records.  One band in particular, Iconoclast, had some of the best songs during that time.

While I have not been actively seeking anything by Ebullition lately, the seven inch September quest that a few of us did though Instagram renewed my interest in some of these bands.

I recently posted about getting a second copy of the Portraits of Past lp. Well, Mike made a comment on that post stating that it was weird seeing Ebullition records on color. I didn’t really think about but as I look through my collection I thought he’s right. All of the early Ebullition records I had were all on black. Colors were few and far between. I actually never saw a piece of colored vinyl from this label until I bought the box set.

So I decided to look up some stuff and found that there were a few other records that did make it into a color other than black. While the majority of the records I found did not interest me I did find one that did.

Out of all these records I was most surprised by the Iconoclast record. I’ve never seen one let alone heard that some had made it on color.

I scooped it up without any hesitation. A clear copy of “Groundlessness of Belief” on clear out of 35 copies. Mind blown…

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One Response to I like you less than apple pie…

  1. Mike says:

    Whoa. I had no idea this was pressed on clear vinyl. Very cool!

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