Blue Me Back

Back in December Marcus posted a copy of the Give Me Back compilation from Ebullition records.  According to Ebullition there were a hundred of these pressed on a turquoise green vinyl.  When I saw Marcus’s copy I found myself wanting one in this color as well.  While I already had one on red which I got as part of a box set, I felt like I needed this copy as well just for the sake of completion.  Now, I wasn’t going to outright chase one down, but if one came up for sale for really cheap I wasn’t going to hold back.

Well fast forward to this year and I myself found a copy on color for really cheap.  When I got my copy in the mail I immediately went to Marcus’s post for reference as I thought the color of mine was really blue.  Well if you check his post you can definitely see a more greenish tint to his than my copy.  This is really cool as there is probably a wide color range within this pressing.

Give Me Back 1

While I’m not going to be chasing around all these color variations I would love to see how they compare to one another.  In the long run though it’s not that important. It’s probably better that I don’t see them as I’ll impulsively try to buy another one.  I’m just happy to get one of these in this color.  For shits and giggles I also decided to take a picture of the red and blue together.

Geive Me back 2

There were 113 pressed of the red which came in the Ebullition box set.  I can only assume that the 13 stragglers were given away to friends and such as the box set was numbered out of a hundred.

I think I’ve purchased more Ebullition vinyl within that past two months in comparison to the last five years.  I’ve always been a fan of the earlier releases and I like finding new things.  Maybe one day I’ll finally chase down some Econochrist on colors other than the green I have.  Now that would be something worth chasing after.

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3 Responses to Blue Me Back

  1. massivewaste says:

    I like buying records no one else knows or buys. You always give good cues to me (…)! Is much more fun than paying 1,550 for a silver chain. Especially this comp. is super cheap (at least in black) but help built up the fame of Ebullition Records.

  2. marcus says:

    Good post! I saw one of these pop up on discogs a couple of weeks back as it is still in my discogs want list. I assume that was the one you bought. Anyway, I like the photo of the two together as I have never actually seen the red before. Also, your turquiose ones does look like a very different color to mine. Usually I would say that I prefer the one which is the closest color to the cover, which would be yours… but I actually think I prefer the color of mine because it’s just nicer.

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