Innocence and Decadence

A few years ago I was introduced to Graveyard when on a whim I decided to get a copy of their album “Lights Out.”  I was immediately a big fan of the record and I wanted to hear more from this band.  I knew that I was all in when I actually decided to go see them live. I was really excited seeing them at a small place like the Black Cat Club in DC.  They definitely rocked out and thoroughly impressed the crowd.

When I heard that Graveyard came out with a new album this year before I even heard any of the tracks I decided to order it and take a risk.  They haven’t disappointed me yet so what harm can it do, right?

Innocence and Decadence

When I finally received the record I played it nonstop and tried to absorb as much as I could from the record. The 70s psyche influence and blues undertones were still there which I had grown to love from their previous records. For some reason though I really wanted more from this record. Maybe, I’m just trying to compare it their previous releases. Don’t get me wrong. The record is quite good and I’ve been listening to it a lot but I don’t know what it’ missing.

Also, I think a couple of the songs seem out-of-place and don’t really flow with the rest of the record. I’m probably just being really picky about this record.  The fact that I’ve listened to it a lot must mean I like it.  I’m just thinking too hard.  I’ll just spin it again and further contemplate.  What do I know?

500 Splatter green vinyl from Nuclear Blast.

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One Response to Innocence and Decadence

  1. Mike says:

    I think you and I are on the same page with this one. A good album, but a couple songs just seem to drag this whole thing down. I’m trying really hard to tolerate Stay For A Song, but I think I dislike that one more with each listen.

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