The Purple One

It’s hard to believe that it was only two years ago that I finally found a copy of Vision’s “In the Blink of an Eye” on a pretty nice shade of “purple”.  While I was happy with finally owning one of these I knew that I would always be on the lookout for other versions of this color.  Well I finally found one in really beautiful condition earlier this month and much to my excitement I finally received it in the mail a couple of days ago.

Vision 1

While I was expecting a darker shade this one definitely takes the cake for a really dark “purple”. Now that I have this will I be content with just these two?
Last month Marcus posted another transition color of this record. With three different shades that I’ve seen now it’ll probably take me another few years for me to find one.

Vision 2

Just for kicks I decided to do a side by side of the two that I have. It would probably look great with another one but we shall see.

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One Response to The Purple One

  1. marcus says:

    Good job! Looks like pretty much the same as the two I had before I picked up a third. I’m already looking forward to seeing your next photo of three…

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