Death to False Metal

It’s always cool when you get alternate covers for stuff that you already own.  While I don’t necessarily look for these types of things when one falls into my lap for a good price I’m always willing to pick it up.  That’s what happened when I came upon a copy of Deadguy’s “Fixation on a Coworker”.

I had always wanted the alternate cover to this classic but I never wanted to dish out the type of money that some people demanded for this.  Luckily I found one for about ten bucks since there was a crease on the top part of the cover. It’s actually not so bad unless you look really closely and for the price I paid for it I can definitely live with it. This is pretty much just a nice to have for me and not a must have.

Deadguy 1

There three hundred copies out there with this special screened cardboard cover. All of the hand numbered with this blue marker apparently.  I don’t actually know the story behind this cover. Someone once told me but I guess I didn’t really pay attention enough to remember the details.  I think it’s a tour cover…whatever.

Deadguy 2

The only thing that matters is that I think it’s fucking cool. Besides the regular release cover are there any others that I should know about concerning this release? Let me know if there is.

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2 Responses to Death to False Metal

  1. Mike P. says:

    This cover rules. Yes, I now want one.

  2. Jake says:

    Great cover, great find, great record

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