Tunnel Vision

When I get something in my head it’s really hard for me to move on from it until I accomplish it.  So when I set out a couple of weeks ago to add some color to my Econochrist collection I went ahead and searched for some pieces of vinyl to fulfill that need.  Thankfully I found a couple of pieces that didn’t break the bank.

First up is a gold copy of the “Ruination” lp. I found this on eBay by chance and I decided to keep track of it. I really didn’t want to spend too much on this and I had a number in my head that I would not go over. Thankfully I was the only bidder so I was able to get a really beautiful copy for $8. Definitely much cheaper than what I expected to pay.


Next up is my second green copy of “Trained to Serve”. While I don’t believe there is a difference in the copies of the record itself, I decided to pick up this copy solely on the fact that it had a different cover than the original pressing.  This is one of those records that Ebullition decided to recycle old jackets and screen the inside of them.  Great way not to waste perfectly good cardboard in my opinion.

Trained to Serve

Again I was able to pick this one up for really cheap. This one came from Discogs for $6. Really not bad for this awesome piece of music.

Now that I have these two, I would really like to find other copies of Econochrist colored vinyl. Granted I already have all their stuff on black. I know that I don’t really need any of these but like I said it’s stuck in my head right now and I think it would be pretty cool to find some of the rarer colors.

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2 Responses to Tunnel Vision

  1. Mike says:

    Love this! I wasn’t really aware of Econochrist stuff being pressed on colored vinyl. Might have to track some of it down at some point.

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